Metiabruz - MERIT Center

Metiabruz – A Case Study Metiabruz is a predominantly Muslim semi-rural marginalized area located an hour west of Kolkata. Residents have formal education, however they, especially women, are unskilled and underutilized. Though the area is considered the biggest producer of non-branded garments in India, daily wage laborers operate in textile, brick-kiln, and heavy industries. Since 2007, Anudip has operated a training center in Metiabruz, providing MAST training to the marginalized women. The students are affiliated with Swayam, a NGO partner of Anudip working with victims of domestic abuse. Most of these women have never ventured out their community, been exposed to modern technologies, nor given an opportunity to improve their families’ economic situations. In December 2010, Anudip opened its second MERIT Center in Metiabruz and now employs over 50 of its Swayam graduates. After specialized training they now earn a salary that is three to five times higher than otherwise generally available in Metiabruz. They have become hard working, productive, and confident women, supporting their families and urging other women of Metiabruz to move forward.